Newborn Lifestyle

My newborn lifestyle sessions are fast becoming my favorite!! These sessions are done in the clients home, so the new bub and the rest of the family are completely relaxed in their familiar environment. These sessions are usually shortly after the arrival of a new baby, while bub is still sleepy and squishy. I'll come in and just hang out with you for a few hours, photographing all the little moments of sweetness that happen when a new baby has arrived. All the family can be involved (even grandparents if your lucky enough to have them around!), and all I'll ask you to do is hang out with each other. Change bub, feed, eat, do the dishes.....whatever you would normally be doing in your home!!

Having a new baby around is such a special time, so having it documented with gorgeous natural photographs is something you will treasure forever. AND....the most important thing of all is that Mum is in the photographs too. Don't worry about how your hair looks or how messy your house is! I have 2 kids of my own, so trust me I understand what having a newborn in the house is like!! One day you will look back at these photographs and realise how beautiful you were, and how special this time in your life was. So please get in contact if you're expecting a new baby in the family, I'd love to hear all about it.

Newborn Lifestyle Session


2-3 hours in home

40 high res images on usb

10 6"x4" professional prints

printing voucher