- A little bit about me -

Hello! i'm Fiona, I grew up in a small rural town called Manypeaks, east of Albany, Western Australia. I am a married mother of two beautiful babies.

I had a true country up-bringing, surrounded by wide open spaces and fresh air. I am one of four, so growing up on a farm with many siblings created my love for the outdoors. It was my childhood, filled with outdoor games and adventures that made me notice and love the natural light of the late afternoons. 

I use this love of light as the basis of my photography, using it in all its natural forms. From spectacular, dramatic sunsets, to gentle, delicate light through the window shutters, to highlight the love and connections that people share.

From couples so much in love on their wedding day, to the joy that a new baby brings to a family. Capturing these memories and moments in time is what drives me to perfect my craft. Seeing the joy that photographs bring to people is very humbling, and inspires me to do more, do better.

My natural and relaxed nature is what I use to create memories for my clients. My "don't look at the camera" approach allows me to create photographs that are completely natural. Capturing moments, connections and pure togetherness is what I strive for. Recording these moments in time is not only special, but very important. Sometimes a photograph is all you will have left of someone you love.

A photograph should tell a story, give you warm fuzzy's, and remind you that memories are precious and should be recorded exactly the way you remember them.