Thinking about having a family session? Great idea!! I absolutely love my family sessions. Children are by far my favorite subjects. I love that you just get what you're given with kids, they are completely natural (and yes that can mean a tantrum during the session......totally fine - and normal!!), I love to see their little personalities staring up at me through the camera lens.

I have a very 'lifestyle' approach to my family sessions, trying to capture families just hanging out with each other, enjoying a bit of together time. You will often hear me say 'forget I'm even here' - easier said than done I know with two giant cameras clicking around your face....but you get what I mean!! Natural and candid images are what I aim for. I will very rarely ask you to 'pose', maybe just for one photo for Grandma's fridge....but that's it! Family portraits are so so so important to have, those kids grow up before our eyes. Having these special times documented in beautiful frames is something you will treasure forever, you won't regret it! 

Family portrait session


online 'sneak peak' gallery

40 High res edited images on a USB

10 6"x 4" prints