My Mummy & Me sessions are a brand new addition to the services that I offer, and I'm so exited to add them! In most cases 'Mummy' is always the one that is behind the camera capturing the memories that we will all enjoy into the future. But the sad thing is that Mummy is in very few of them because of this. I love seeing pictures of my mum with us when we were kids, especially now that I have kids of my own. To see that your mum was just like you, doing her best to raise her kids is so special. So if you are one of those (I certainly am guilty of it!!), then please get in contact and have some gorgeous images taken with your kids while they are little...or even if they are grown, its never too late. Or if you are a husband or partner that is terrible at pulling out the camera when you should, then you should treat the gorgeous mother of your children to a beautiful relaxed Mummy & Me session


Mummy & Me Session

$300 [Only $25o till May 13th]

Online 'sneak peak' gallery

30 High Res edited images on USB

5 x 6"x4" professional prints

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